Concrete Characteristics and Colour Guide

Every DLH Designs concrete product is cast individually by hand. Due to the natural characteristics of concrete, variations will occur between every product...making each one unique.

Please read below to discover what variations in appearance and texture you can expect from your concrete product.


Pinholes are where air bubbles occur in the concrete during the casting process. They will vary in size and number with each product cast and are very much a part of concrete's distinctive feature.

Pinholes on the inside of basins are minimised as much as possible but will still occur to a small degree. These pinholes will be filled for practicality.


Flow lines occur when concrete, in it's liquid state, is poured into a mould. They are often more prevalent in straight-sided or tall products.


DLH Designs offer a choice of 24 colours ranging from traditional grey tones through to rich, bold hues.

We highly recommend ordering samples prior to deciding on a colour as the appearance of colours online can vary considerably due to variances in individual monitors and screens, brightness settings, etc.