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DLH Designs handmade basins are each unique in character. We recommend looking at your basin carefully and choosing which way you would like it to face before handing it to your plumber. Marking it with a post-it note saying "this face to the front!" works a treat.

It is really important to ensure that all surfaces including your basin are completely dry before installation. Moisture is your enemy!

Ensure the perimeter of where your basin meets the benchtop is sealed completely. There is no need to apply silicon under your basin, we recommend silicon around the perimeter ONLY to adhere to the benchtop.

Do not over-tighten wastes and ensure they are fully sealed. Over tightened wastes may result in your basin cracking from the waste out.

Dark patches that develop after using the basin, radiating out from the waste are a sign of poor silicon application, resulting in water getting under your basin and rising through the unsealed base surface. This must be rectified by removing basin, allowing it to dry completely and reapplying silicon seal.


DLH Designs offers a 12 month warranty on materials and workmanship.

Warranty does not cover the development of pinholes or other changes which naturally occur in concrete. Warranty does not cover failure of sealer due to incorrect use or care. Please read and follow all care instructions.

Basins are warranted for the use of 55 degrees Celsius water maximum. Excessively hot water poured on to a very cold basin can result in thermal shock and cracking may occur.

DLH Designs are suppliers of basins only. We do not involve ourselves in the responsibility of install.

Any damage to sealer or basin during unpacking, careless handling or scratching of sealer during install or poor installation methods will not be covered by this warranty.