Basin Care Instructions


Concrete basins are durable and hardwearing but still require a certain amount of care to keep them looking their best. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure your concrete basin will look it’s best for years to come.


 DLH Designs concrete basins have been fully sealed on the inside to protect the concrete from stains and ingress of water. Even though we water test every basin before it leaves our workshop, occasionally there will be the odd small area that will darken when wet. This is not a sign of the sealer failing so do not be alarmed.

The outside surface of the basin has been lightly sealed but will remain porous and will darken when wet.

Please do not leave your basin full of water for more that 15 minutes. Our basins are sealed, not glazed; the sealer allows the concrete to breathe. If you leave water in the basin long enough it will eventually penetrate the sealer and cause it to lift.

Our sealers offer great stain protection but we still recommend you do not allow substances such as hair dye, highly pigmented cosmetics and/or any acidic substances to come into contact with your basin as they may stain/damage the sealer.

Cosmetics such as cleansers, moisturisers, face masks, sunscreens etc contain many different chemicals, some of which can damage the basin sealer. Allowing these products to come into contact with your basin is at your own risk. DLH Designs will not warrant such damage.

It is important to remember that concrete differs from ceramic and porcelain. Over time and depending on the level of use and care, concrete will dull and develop its own patina.

Please do not tap toothbrushes, razors etc on the edge of your basin. They have not been designed to withstand impact and this could damage the sealer or chip your concrete.


Clean with a soft, microfibre cloth. A gentle, PH neutral cleaner may be used. Never use anything abrasive on your concrete or scrub at the surface as this may harm the integrity of the sealer. Never expose your concrete to anything corrosive or acidic such as nail polish remover, harsh bathroom cleaners and orange or lemon- based cleaning products.


Our concrete basins have been designed to be fit for purpose; being washing hands, brushing teeth etc. Please do not place random objects in your basin that have no place in a basin. Certain PVCs, plastics and rubbers are made with petrochemicals and if left in contact with our acrylic sealer can have a chemical reaction and ruin your basin. This will not be covered by warranty.


Over time concrete can develop pinholes where air bubbles have formed just under the surface during manufacture. This is an unavoidable characteristic of concrete and should not be viewed as a flaw but rather a part of concrete’s unique character.




DLH Designs basins are completely sealed to protect against stains and ingress of water. As explained in our care instructions and warranty, our sealer (depending on level of use and care) is expected to wear over time.

For those who would like to add an extra level of protection to their basin we recommend waxing. Waxing your basin will also add a renewed level of shine to basins that have dulled over time.

 We recommend “Gilly’s Carnuba Polish for timber, stone, marble, concrete, chalk paint”. This product is inexpensive, Australian made and owned and is available from Bunnings stores and online direct from Gilly’s.

 Gilly’s wax is easy to apply; just follow Gilly’s directions once every three – six months depending on level of use. As an added bonus the wax smells amazing.

 Please note: whilst waxing can slow the wearing of your sealer, it is still important to remember to follow all care instructions.

Concrete basin wax

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