Beautiful in its simplicity




A desire to create simple yet beautiful tableware, to create pieces that are individual, not mass produced and to use natural materials that integrate effortlessly into varied decors saw the creation of DLH Designs’ range of concrete tableware.





DLH Designs believe in creating products that will last a lifetime and beyond, and Slurry is no different. All Slurry pieces are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRFC) for superior strength and durability.




As all pieces are designed, crafted and sealed by hand, every piece is one of a kind. Variations in colour can occur, so while every effort is made to keep the colours as close to the colour guide as possible, due to the manufacturing process colours may vary (as much as one shade either side of the one chosen).





All pieces are hand finished with 5 coats of food-grade sealer.  Some extra care is required to keep your unique piece looking its best, we recommend you read the care instructions carefully.





DLH Designs is a small scale family owned and operated business. Due all pieces being made by hand and in small runs all items may not be available at all times.

Slurry items are sold directly from our workshop in Warragul and through several local retailers (please see stockists). Postage can be arranged, please feel free to email us at